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((It’s summer time, so I might have more time.))


((I am not dead….just busy))

((I am alive and well, just busy with school and prepping for my month long trip to visit Turkey and Greece, not the characters, the actual countries! I will be accepting your questions and even getting back to responding to them as well. Some of the responses will be drawn.))




The CMV is to the ‘Stereotypes song’ and all the info on here: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/events/417887081629161/?fref=ts

Send an ask or join event if interested! Thanks! <3

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dear god—

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((Will be getting some ask’s done this week.))

((Sorry that I haven’t been active, I have been working my ass off for a con called Sac-Anime. I had a artist table at this con and was cosplaying and selling art the whole week.))


askseychellesaph said: ((Your cosplay is lovely. I believe I saw you in a video on YT at an 18+ panel? Best Egypt I've seen in a long time. Great work, really!))

((DSJFHSKFJD omg that panel~  Yes that is me and my wonderful friends. We will be having another panel soon at Fanime again and I’ll be Egypt again. But thank you so much~ <3 ;w;))


((For some odd reason my inbox has been acting up.))

((So if I don’t answer your ask please be free to re-ask.))


A Man In A Dark Cloak Appears Before You. He Raises His Wand And Yells...

  • ((M!A Hogwarts Style. All time lengths are anon-specified. Feel free to add more!))
  • Alohamora!: Muse is locked away in a place specified by Anon until rescued or until specified time.
  • Expelliarmus!: Muse cannot pick up or use any weapon.
  • Flipendo!: Muse cannot walk more than five steps without falling on their face.
  • Serpensortia: Muse is constantly attacked by snakes.
  • Avada Kedavra!: Muse is a ghost.
  • *throws love potion*: Muse is in love with a character of Anon's choosing.
  • Avis: Muse is constantly attacked by birds.
  • Crucio!: Muse is in constant pain.
  • Confundus!: Muse is confused easily and acts as though drunk.
  • Expecto Patronum!: Muse is followed/protected by "spirit animal". (Mun or Anon may specify.)
  • Imperio!: Muse is controlled by (Anon specifies) (Mun may specify things Muse may not be forced to do, such a sexual acts or triggers.)
  • Immobulus!: Muse is completely paralyzed until rescued or until specified time.
  • Incendio!: Muse has uncontrollable hot flashes.
  • Obliviate!: Muse loses memories/amnesia.
  • Riddikulus!: Whatever usually scares Muse he/she now finds funny.
  • Quietus!: Muse is mute.
  • Rictusempra!: Muse is extremely ticklish.
  • *throws polyjuice potion*: Muse is stuck in another Muse's body. (Anon specifies.)
  • Wingardium Leviosa!: Muse grows wings. (Or if Muse has wings, they disappear.)
  • Sonorus!: Muse must YELL EVERYTHING THEY SAY!
  • Nox!: Muse is blind.
  • Impedimenta!: Muse must do everything verrrrrryyyyy slowlyyyyyy....
  • Legilimens!: Muse must say everything on his/her mind.
  • Impervius!: Muse is constantly thirsty but cannot drink anything.
  • *uses portkey*: Muse is transported to a location of Anon's choosing.
  • Oppugno!: Muse is forced to attack another Muse of Anon's choosing.

So I have decided

((To make this blog both a drawing and cosplay blog. Easier to matain and keep track of this way.

So do ask your questions! I will answer the next few with drawings.)

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